Because pizza is one of the loves of my life, I'm gonna start by telling you about the end of this day... We got deep dish at Puget Sound Pizza in Tacoma and it was some of the best pizza of my liiiiife. (, I love you.) Now I can start from the beginning...! Sarah, Kevin and I made the trip up to Mount Rainier on the most gorgeous March day! We chatted the whole ride, stopped for necessary snacks at Scaleburger and by the time we got to the park, were ready to play... However, I don't think any of us prepared for how cold it was actually going to be... By looking at it, the sun could fool you, but it was only 17 degrees and windy! When I say we braved the cold for these, I'm not lying. We were super thankful for a warm car to thaw our frozen fingers and toes in between locations... But, all SO worth it! We had plans to catch the sunset when we got down out of the state park, but it came so quickly due to the surrounding mountains, we opted to pull over and use the riverbed for some blue hour shots and then the lake area for the silhouettes. I love the colors during that time and how spicy some of those images are! (If I could use heart-eyes, I would right here!) Ahh, I'm SO beyond pumped for their wedding in January 2020 and even more excited that I'll be able to share it with you all here so you can bask in their love+beauty. Until next time... Enjoy! <3