I first met Aveena+Alissa how I meet a lot of my couples - via video chat. We set up a call and had a great "getting to know you" conversation. I immediately knew we were a great fit when they described the blending of their families and cultures to create a wedding day that felt uniquely "them" They decided to come south from Bellevue to Gig Harbor for their engagement session and I was so excited meet them in person. We started at Sehmel Park for a sunny little walk in the woods (Now I'm wishing I would have included photos of Alissa's sister+MOH, Leah, who tagged along and did an excellent job of stylist/clothing carrier...!) and then worked our way over to a small beach on Fox Island that's become one of my favorite locations for photos! We listened to music and chatted while they sipped a little champagne and continued exploring the beach until the sun set. And what glorious weather we had. I absolutely love these images and being reminded of this day because it was all part of the lead up to Aveena+Alissa's wedding in October. I have much more to share from that day, so check back to see more of these incredible gals, their gorgeous celebration, and their amazing love...<3