Hello there and happy... 2021! Over a year since my last blog post? Yipes. I'm claiming both COVID and having a baby as reasons for this gap in posts, but happy to finally be starting up again... And, wow, do I have a lot to catch up on.

Kayla+Rob's engagement session started out at Kayla's uncle's house nestled quietly in the forests of the PNW. Kayla has fond memories from her childhood here and with the lush greenery and river flowing at the back of the property, I felt like we were in a Washington State romance novel... So perfectly picturesque! Ted, the Corgi, was the star of the show amongst the trees, but (sadly!) we left him behind for the hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge! Most people up for taking photos at the ledge plan the hike early in the morning to get there for sunrise, but opting for afternoon, we got gorgeous views of the aqua lake, sunlight galore, and fun shadows to play with! These two were so great in front of the camera and I LOVE their style... I'd hike every day to spend time taking photos with and of couples like this! More please! (Side note: Oh my gah, you guys, I had not hiked like that in a long time and I was in for a challenge... Not pictured are the beers Rob had packed for us that were a welcome reward after the climb!) 

Fortunately for me, I was also Kayla+Rob's wedding photographer, so you'll be seeing more of them when I blog their 2020 wedding! Yes, they got married during the pandemic and it was absolutely gorgeous. Stay tuned and thanks for being here!