Ahhh, Becca+Ryan! Where to even begin...? These two found me via a random google search for a wedding photographer! I honestly have no idea how google connected a couple from Utah planning a wedding in Oregon with me in Gig Harbor, WA but Becca and I ended up on a phone call and the rest is history! The pair has spent a lot of time traveling together and chose to elope on the Oregon coast because of the beauty they experienced when they first visited... They maintain that it's one of their favorite places and their wedding made ME fall in love with the Oregon coast, too! If you haven't been, put it on your bucket list. Everyone should go!

I came down the day before to scope out their location and I think we all expected very typical PNW rainy weather (Becca+Ryan even brought umbrellas for everyone) but we were surprised with major sunshine the next day. They got ready at separate locations and had their first look and vows amongst the trees, overlooking the water! From there, we spent some time taking photos of the two of them and then made our way to their ceremony at Hug Point... Becca's first look with her dad came next and - so super sweet and emotional - while the rest of their guests gathered in to a semi-circle and the nuptials began. Officiated by both Becca's aunt and her brother, the pair wed with their feet in the sand and smiles on their faces... (Some of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen!) The ceremony concluded with dried flower confetti to celebrate and then photos on the beach before a beautiful sunset dinner. My favorite part of the day was when Becca went in to the water with her bare feet, twirling  in her dress and Ryan said, "This is her. This is where she's happiest."

To be continued because I got to spend another whole weekend with these guys in Utah. Yep, I'm that lucky!