I was SO happy that Olivia reached out to me about wedding photography when she+Josh got engaged! I've known her since elementary school and we share a birthday - shoutout to all the Halloween babies! Naturally, I NEEDED to be their photographer! We had some back-and-forth with their wedding date, but it all worked out magically and they booked their dream location at Alderbrook in October of 2019!

More of their STUNNING day later, of course. For their engagement session, Olivia had loved this LOVE wall...! When she sent me photos of it, I was like, "YESSSSS!" It backs up against some train tracks in downtown Seattle, so there was no traffic to worry about and it was awesome! Street art is one of my favorite things ever, so I WAS OBSESSED with the light and how cool these two looked in front of the murals. I also really appreciated that they were able to find a location that was uniquely "them"! I could have taken photos in front of the murals all night, but we had another place to be before the sun set - we stopped by their home for a quick outfit change before ending up at Lincoln Park! Parking was a little tough because it was such a gorgeous day, but we made it down to the beach just in time for some stunning golden hour+sunset photos! How pretty are these?!

Walking back we discussed Game of Thrones and how I had only seen the first season (I still need to watch the rest...) and they gifted me some amazing sour beer from Ounces in West Seattle (www.ounceswestseattle.com) that I opened immediately after I got home! SO good. Ahh, enjoy these two looking LOVEly, pun intended... And just WAIT for their wedding! It's a gooooood one.