I met these two in the best way - through Jenelle's mother. She happened to find me on Instagram and messaged me about Josh and Jenelle! She was like, "My daughter will reach out to you soon!" So lovely. You just never know the connections you'll make through Instagram. When Jenelle did contact me, we immediately hit it off and booked their wedding, complete with an engagement session. They live up in Bellevue, but wanted to come down to Gig Harbor for a date day, so we made a plan to meet at 7 Seas Brewery in Gig Harbor for a beer and photos. From there, we stopped at one of my fave wooded parks for some PNW forest photos and then ended up down on the beach for that glowy light that lasted in to blue hour. (Sidebar: I loved their style and I wanted to steal all Jenelle's clothes... And, more info on their Gonzaga pride when I blog their wedding day.) What a beautiful day to capture their love! That sunset was just magical. I also really love that they chose something new to them for their engagement session because they'll always be able to come back and relive their memories from this day. Come back to Gig Harbor and hang out with me anytime, you two.