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I'm Carley and I was born on Halloween. (This may be why I have a constant battle with eating sugar?!) I was raised in Washington State and I love living in the PNW - currently Gig Harbor! I have a sweet husband named Daniel that bought me my first mac laptop when we were still just boyfriend & girlfriend - that purchase allowed me to start a "for real" photography business and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today... We've been married a little over 3 years now and I'm so thankful for him because he puts up with my crazy schedule & cooks me the most gourmet food ALL THE TIME (Do you need a caterer? He's Spanish and his paella is seriously SO good!...). A few of my other loves are adventuring, coffee, authenticity, pizza (especially deep dish from Giordano's!), communication, red wine, and sour beer - the sourer, the better. ​I'm so glad you're here ​& reading this. Seriously! It means that we're getting closer to working together and I would LOVE it if we did!!​

I live for moody love
& lifestyle, and documenting all the in-between stuff, but posed portraiture is also SO much fun for me. For lifestyle sessions, I don't do a ton of posing, so my images tend to be very "true to life". As far as posed portraiture, there is something so fun about working with a senior girl and having her stare right into your lens - she grows up right in front of you... It's magical. I'm not sure how I'm in this middle place where I'm blending these styles of photography, but it's working, so I'm not gonna change it! I just want to photograph your "now" that so you can look back and remember your life exactly as it once was. During our time together, we'll create images that tell your story, whatever it may be. 

​I soooo want to be your photographer, but more importantly, I want to be your friend. Think of me as your personal paparazzi bff?! Haha. I want to be someone you can rely on to help you take on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you're gonna remember forever. Once you decide you want me, I'm yours and will do everything in my power to make sure your time with me (wedding day or session) goes amazingly. Sometimes that means I'm running to grab you a drink at your wedding reception; other times we're working on your timeline over dinner or texting about what to wear to your session... Whatever you're doing to prepare, I want you to know that WE'RE in it together
& it will be epic!
[Insert 3 big heart-eyed emojis here!]

I don't take myself too seriously, (Laffy Taffy jokes are my favorite!) but I'm super serious about giving you an amazing experience with photography. I use the words "love" and "excited!" a lot and it's definitely because I absolutely love my clients
& I love what I do. So, now I need to hear about you. Let's connect and create something beautiful. I can't wait!​​

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​"I just can't get over the fact that photographs allow us to see in to the past. They, quite literally, become our memories...  As a photographer, I get to give these memories to you forever - what a crazy, beautiful honor that is!"

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